lecture + Record = Lepture

Class automatic recording system

The LEPTURE automatic river recording system adopts the world's first AR mixing method, and makes the lecture image more concentrated than the classroom.

LEPTURE is a solution that enables automatic class recording to DARIM's new Smart AR / VR mixer technology. The classroom is equipped with VR world-class technology for real-time lecture recording, lessons, and broadcasting.

Features and Description

1. Teacher / Blackboard / Student concentration

● Teacher, blackboard and student track overall
● Track the entire classroom and the whole student

4. Teacher concentration

● The camera will focus on the teacher.
● You can see the instructor's behavior or motion.

2. Student concentration

● Focus the camera on the students
● Create a classroom atmosphere by showing the students to the virtual monitor

3. Blackboard concentration

● Focusing camera on blackboard
● Effective viewing of blackboards and diagrams

Model Lineup

Model lepture
Feature Multiple media files (camera, PC, files, ets.), tracking teacher, students
Display Output 1 Render Outputs, 1 Control Display
Live Video Input HDMI or SDI
Tracking Camera One for teachers, students
Chromakey none