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​        Chromakey + Studio

Product description

Chromakey Stand



Chromudio is a green screen studio.

Chromudio provides an enviroment for creating high definition chromakey images. It is designd to make high definition chromakeys with green screens and LED lights anywhere. Chromudio is easy to assemble because it is designed for easy movement and fast installation. This product is suitable for events or studio production in a limited space.

Chromakey stand

● Because it is curved, wide camera angle can be supported
● Flexible and wrinkle-free screen fabric
● Because it is spandex, it does not stretch or shrink even when washing.
● Designed to be light, easy to scale using advanced aluminum modules


LED Stand Light

● Stand LED lighting for quick installation
● The brightness can be adjusted through the dimming switch.


Chromudio installation method

CMW(Wall) 220,LS light assembly video

CML(Stage) assembly video

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