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iStudio Broadcasting System

It is an integrated smart broadcasting system that automatically connects advanced VR studio technology to multiple networks and then outputs it online from one device in real time.

iStudio 200


iStudio 300



iStudio 400



iStudio 5000


iStudio 7000


Contents Production Solution

The most effective video production delivered through smart devices​


Saving time
to create contents

Immersive video

Saving money

Smart PD technology that can produce
more immersive lectures than actual lectures 
with AI functions
that combine broadcast production technology

Complex editing times, filming times, etc
are drastically reduced
​Producing a video that's like a broadcasting station
by oneself


ALL-in-One solution
that anyone can produce various broadcasts 
that were not possible
even with expensive equipments

Why do we have to select iStudio?

Opportunity to reduce the time, manpower, and cost of preparing for the broadcast. Meet the iStudio.

At least $8,000

(Laptop VER. SW price only)






Example of our company's product installation

Example of another company's product installation

Continuous costs of expensive equipments, interior design, outsourcing, installation

Solving the high cost of building existing broadcasting station systems


DARIM have developed ALL-in-One solutions that can be easily produced by anyone 
based on our know-how in developing broadcasting equipment technology over the years.

DARIM iStudio's key technology

AI video processing,
face recognition,
​instructor tracking
and AI PD/TD function

Virtual Lecture Studio Patent
(Including Patent Pending)


Remove background by AI

iStudio's Background Remover is based on AI technology, which removes the background from the screen by separating the background and the instructor without a chromakey 


3D VR technology

- With a 3D program(3D max, MAYA), you can make your own 3D files to a studio without an expert

It is a studio that can easily created using pre-selected and produced examples


AI Smart PD

- VR camera automatic switching technology

- Gesture recognition technology

- Pointer automatic switching 


- Mouse Activated Scene Switching & Mouse Click Scene Control ​function


AI face/motion


iStudio's facial recognition technology tracks and detects the instructor's motion, and the screen changes according to the direction of instructor's view, so you can run iStudio without complicated setup and tracking camera


VR electronic blackboard

- It is a VR electronic blackboard that can be transferred when writing on the wall.

2~3 VR electronic blackboards and pen drawings

- Blackboard Contents Switching

- 6X12X12 VR blackboard automatic

   animation track


Virtual CAMERA

- Sensorless Tracking technology 

with up to 12 tracking effects

- Automatic camera virtual monitor Track Creation

- Virtual Monitors Free Scene Setting

Principles of DARIM iStudio


Video Wall Controller

Ex) KAIST class




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