iStudio20 (eStudio)


Create your own AR presentation video anywhere

Lecture recording solution

Connects to smart devices in the classroom.
Show your immersive learning environment in class and share content online with learners.

Content for 'Background Classroom'

The eStudio Class Station streamlines the professional lecture video production process for 'upside-down classrooms'. Real-time lecture recording provides the convenience of creating immersive video content without investing additional time.

Enhance video conferencing

eStudio Video Conference Station brings together presenters and PPT slides together on one screen, turning to a useful presentation conferencing system by showing

Lecture Recording

For the lecture to be effective, the application should be easy to use and distracting. With this in mind, eStudio is a natural solution that does not hinder the speed of classroom flow.


System Requirements

Minimum Requirement

Recommended Specifications

Operating system







Windows® 7 / Windows® 8 / Windows® 10 64-bit (latest Service Pack)

Intel® Core™ i5 

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 660


Intel® Core™ i7 or better

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 or better 


30 GB available hard drive space

Broadband internet connection

1024 x 768 minimum HD display resolution

1920 x 1020 Full HD display resolution

Product Lineup

Model name





Support external input

eStudio Pro

eStudio Pro is available as software download. Free version can be applied through below.

Please check the system requirements at the top.


eStudio PS

(laptop version)

3D Graphic Laptop

Internal USB CAM or

USB PTZ CAM(optional)

​Internal Audio or

USB Audio Mixer(optional)

Internal Speaker or

Gooseneck MIC, 

3.5mm Aux(optional)

not supported

eStudio Station

(external input)


3D Graphic Laptop


USB Audio Mixer

Gooseneck MIC, 

3.5mm Aux

USB3.0 to HDMI



Producing AR presentation video through eStudio

Virtual studio setting

You can manipulate scales, rotations, and positions within a 3D space using multiple 3D layers. You can manipulate layers to quickly create studios and save them for later use.

Set up your camera and PPT

eStudio comes with a total of 2 scenes per studio. For example, Scene1 can have a larger Actor and another Scene2 can have a larger virtual monitor. 

Simplify your presentation with your mouse

Once you've finished setting up the scene, it's time to make an AR presentation. With the mouse over function, you can easily switch scenes and record and broadcast.


How to use videos

How Estudio works and where to use

Introducing new era of presentation:eStudio


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