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Easy AR/VR Presentation Studio


mStudio is the world's first Smart Lecture device that automatically broadcasts when you announce without PD / Technician. mStudio has revolutionized the paradigm of broadcasting station based on existing switcher mixer, so it is a smart PD broadcasting device without equipment operator, and it is a new function that enables wonderful broadcasting anywhere from virtual studio classroom to augmented reality classroom, We will transform the conference room into a broadcast studio.

​Key Features


All scalable LIVE Signals

● Supports all live video inputs (SDI, HDMI, USB...)  
● Image(TGA, PNG, JPEG), Video(MPEG, AVI, WMV)
● Supports MS Office(PPT, Word, Excel)


Easy recording and Internet Streaming


● Easy One-Click recording (mp4 format) 
● Real-time streaming supports for Youtube, Facebook and various streaming services 
● Video conferencing with Skype, Zoom, Hangout, Cisco, Polycom


VR Switcher-Mixer fuction

● 4 Scenes with 3D editing
● Real-time live video switching (SDI, HDMI, PPT, USB) 
● frame editing and scaling for each scenes


3D Virtual Studio

● Multi-layer 3D virtual studio with high-quality chroma key
● Easy 3D layer control and real-time HSV texture change
● Pointer integrated scene control and unlimited virtual studio production

Simultaneous supports of AR mode and VR mode

mStudio AR mode 


● AR mode using mStudio's CROP fuction
● Avaliable without Chromakey

mStudio VR mode


● Multi-layer 3D virtual studio with Chromakey

Product Lineup

Model name


Live Capture Type

Audio Spec.


VR system with mStudio

Steinberg UR22 Mixer

USB only

2 XLR Combo input

2 TRS output

mStudio -SDI

VR system with mStudio

Steinberg UR22 Mixer

SDI (3in 1out)

+ HDMI (1in for laptop)

2 XLR Combo input / 2 TRS input

2 TRS output

mStudio -HDMI

VR system with mStudio

Steinberg UR22 Mixer

2HDMI + 1HDMI(for laptop)

2 XLR Combo input / 2 TRS input

2 TRS output

How to Use


Try to design the presentation materials and the studio.

3D SET setting

Set your own set to record and stream.

Works with mouse

Dynamic-View switching and Video-switching are possible using the mouse.

Content recording

Simply press the Recording buttion to instantly create a new VR


​You can upload and stream recorded videos to Youtube, facebook, etc.


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