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Digital Transformation must start with
must start with training!

Why do you need a 'smart' school broadcast room?

1   Reduce the amount of
     time, manpower, and money spent on
     by using iStudio

2   Smart PD technology with broadcast production          technology
     with broadcast production technology,
     maintaining broadcast-grade video quality

3    Installation in less than an hour,
      The existing school broadcasting room can be              easily used by anyone
      Self YouTube station that anyone can use


Easy for students to learn and use
iStudio broadcast room


* Real-world school use cases

Customize your studio with freedom and creativity Anyone can be a PD


Freedom to choose and change layouts


How is a traditional school broadcast room different from a smart broadcast room?

Problems with traditional school broadcast rooms

Installation is time-consuming

Console Desk

Production Switcher

Switcher Operation (PD)

Difficult program manipulations

Tangled wires on the floor

Problems due to complex usage process

iStudio Smart School Broadcast Room

Step 1.
Studio Shoot

Step 2.

Step 3.
Automated VR Lessons

No complications, just 3 steps
Create broadcast-quality videos on your own

Which products are right for a smart school broadcast room?

iStudio Software Series

iStudio Hardware Series

* Easy to install in less than an hour with no complex facility work required

1. 3D studio creation techniques for non-professionals


2. Anyone can set up a variety of virtual cameras without the need for a cameraman


3. provides the ability to set up a free virtual blackboard


4. AI auto PD function

  • Includes all the features of iStudio 400

  • 12 virtual cameras

  • AI Smart PD for triple screen support

  • Multi-chroma key support

  • Unlimited studio editing

  iStudio 5000  

  • Includes all the features of iStudio 5000

  • Highest quality multi-chroma keying

  • Plug in for uploading 3D MAX, MAYA sets (optional)

  • Multi-channel multi-input, title effects, real-time render devices

  • Full 3D Virtual Studio & Production Switcher​

  • Powerful Static Elements support for on-the-fly set modification and design without going through 3D MAX or MAYA

  iStudio 7000  

Kids Raising Hands In Classroom_edited_e

We're looking for schools to join us in revolutionizing education.

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