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iStudio Broadcasting System

The paradigm of video production will change.

Free yourself from expensive equipment, complicated operations, and lengthy and tedious editing.


Meet DARIM's unique product line that creates a smart world.

Not only professional broadcasters but also teachers, students, and single broadcasters can quickly, easily, and comfortably produce surprisingly wonderful videos anywhere.

Through Darim's advanced VR Studio, various patented technologies have been researched and developed to provide the functions of smart stations that even beginners can do.

What about iStudio

Through this, the world's first integrated smart broadcasting station technology was introduced, and not only in connection with YouTube and Facebook, but also in school broadcasting networks.

It is an integrated broadcasting solution that is automatically linked and output from one device to real-time online broadcasting and school broadcasting.

Darim's patented technology

- Free 3D virtual reality design technology

-Anyone can produce their own 3D files in the studio without having to be an expert in 3D max, MAYA.

- An easy-to-produce studio using pre-selected and pre-made examples

-Virtual CAMERA(Tracking Action Live Camera)

-Sensorless tracking technology with up to 12 tracking effects

-Automatic Camera Virtual Monitor Track Creation

-Virtual Monitiors Free Scene Setting

-Smart PD

-VR camera auto-switching technology

- Motion (gesture) recognition technology

- Automatic Pointer Switching

-Mouse Activated Scene Switching & Mouse Click Scene Control fuction

-VR Virtual Board (144 X 3)

- Virtual Electronic Blackboard Technology

-2~3 VR electronic blackboards and Pen Drawing

-Blackboard Content Switching

-6 X 12 X 12 VR Blackboard Automatic Animation Track

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