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About Company

Darim's mission to make video communications easier to use has made some notable advances since its inception in 1991. From the earliest innovations in MPEG encoding and streaming to the recent breakthroughs in title area compression technology, we strive to be at the forefront of ours. Field to deliver superior digital video compression and transmission capabilities to new markets around the world.


Despite the diversity of our product lines, nothing has changed. Our commitment to creating new technology solutions is the tools and services that enhance the way people communicate. By enabling our customers to fully explore our state-of-the-art technology and practical solutions, we are pleased that high technology contributes to the invention of a new accessible global video culture.

Chairman Reo kim

We are ahead of the new market


Our commitment to continuous R & D investment ensures that our products are ahead of today's technology, not just today. Darim products are designed with flexibility, scalability and reliability in mind for future integration.

Access to dedicated services


Experienced teams of engineers, technicians, and dedicated product specialists provide engineering services and support to customers.

Guarantee of proven technology


Our celebrities and partners around the world have been using our products successfully for over 10 years and are recognized as cutting-edge technologies in many industries.

Company History

Established Daim System in 1991
3 Manufacturing factory construction
1994 Started development of MPEG based plugin
1994 High Quality Capture Card Announced - VideoCatcher
Established Darim Vision in 1994
1994 Daejeon Metropolitan Science Park R & D Center established
1994 Released MPEG 1 animation recorder: MARS1
1995 Released MPEG 2 animation recorder: MARS2
1995 Established Tomsk R & D Center
1995 Released MPEG1 S / W encoder and H / W decoder telegaming
Established Darwin Vision Company in USA in 1996
1996 World's first cheap MPEG encoder, MPEGator announced
1997 VideoSpider V / 1/0 (multiplexed MPEG1 network DVR)
Released Spider DVSS8 in 1999
Investment in capital requirements in 2000: $ 12 million
2003 Spider PC DVR based on MPEG4
2003 Patent application 0389372 Motion detection for image processing
2004 Low-cost DVR released - Reco104
2004 Broadcasting Product Lineup
Supplied stand-alone DVR to SECOM in 2005
Established in 2006 in Darim Canada, Worldwide Marketing Center
2007 Establishment of Darim EU in Germany / Announcement of VR presenter

2007 PVE400 WiFi announced
2007 Establishment of Darim R & D Office in BC, Canada
2007 USB Spider (uSP416) released
Established digital CCTV ITS system in Korea Highway Corporation in 2008
2008 All-In-One Broadcast Studio Announced
Released MV211 IP / ASI title machine in 2008
Worldwide sales and marketing activities in 2008
Announced HD product line in 2009 broadcast and surveillance system
PVE400E version released in 2010
Released iStudio and vStudio products in Studio Production in 2010
2011 virtual advertising solution launched - VRAD
2011 Announcing Camera Tracking and Jimmy-Jib Option for vStudio
Media asset management and auto playback system production in 2012
Supplied 4 channel SlowMotion Replay System (SR4000) to KCTV in 2012
Delivered VR weather system (VS4000) to KCTV in 2013
Successfully implement and deliver the Video Logger solution to KCA in 2013
Introduced 3D object insert upgrade for iStudio / vStudio in 2013
Successful launch of KBS Flat Video Wall (SM4000) in 2014
Curve video wall controller launched in 2014 at KOBA2014
EStudio software released as personal broadcasting solution in 2014
2015 Multifunction UHD Up-Converter Device Announced
Released vStudio 3500 from Studio Productions in 2015



Recognized by PC Magazine in 1996 - Best Product Reviews

Awarded Best Product Award in Forward and Best Products in 1999

Winner of the 2002 VS2000 Winner "Pick Hit NAB 2002 Award"

Winner of vStudio Broadcast Engineering Award in 2013

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