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Widescreen for conference room

WALL Controller

Key Features

All VRP series systems support a wide range of resolutions from 1024x768 (4: 3 aspect) to 1920x1200 (16: 9 or custom aspect ratio) for each monitor or projector. Therefore, the total video wall resolution can reach up to 5760x1200 pixels. You can place up to five virtual screens at the top of the wallpaper. All sizes and aspect ratios are supported. Each virtual screen can display a video camera or presentation material internally and can automatically resize the content. The background and all the screens can be moved, moved and animated in an unlimited variety of styles. High-end 3D graphics rendering hardware is used to process video wall outputs in real time.

● Connect multiple projectors, live cameras and multi-format media files to the controller.
● Management of multiple content with management software: freedom of layout and full control over real-time content
● Easy commands and events
● Top quality created for upscaling and downscaling of images and virtual screens



It is easy to use an all-in-one configuration that covers the most common video wall configurations.

● Each system can be connected to up to three displays or projectors.
● Easy-to-use video wall configuration wizard included.
● Flexible adjustment of PIP and PBP configurations to infinity with multiple virtual screens.
● Includes digital media player module that displays images / videos anywhere on the wall

Suitable for large flat and curved video screens

● Complete bezel compensation for flat panel monitors
● Programmable curve parameters for front and rear projection screens
● Fine-edge blending correction for overlapping projector beams
● Completely invisible blending with adjustable brightness and color correction

Video & Multimedia Processing

Display multiple live video inputs at the same time
● Selectable from HDMI, VGA, DVI signal or IP streaming
● Innovative iDesktop technology enables PC desktops to be displayed over an IP network.
● You can select each position and size to display each video input.

Multi-format multimedia player for displaying recorded contents

● Supports MPEG2, MPEG4, and H.264 (AVC) video formats
● MP3, AAC, WMA and various WAV audio formats
● Supports AVI, MPG, MTS, MP4, MOV, MKV video file containers
● JPEG, TGA, BMP image format support
● Automatic looping of video content and selectable sequential playback
● Individual audio volume control with mute button

Multiple virtual screens with large background

You can freely select the number of virtual screens and parameters.
● Use up to five virtual screens with flexible location, size, and overlap.
● You can select a custom graphic border for each virtual screen.
● Use intuitive scene composition controls to animate virtual screens.

Programmable changes to screen content and layout

● Up to 12 scene control buttons that define the background and content for each virtual screen
● You can change the content, position and size of each scene.
● The virtual screen is smoothly moved, resized or modified at the desired speed.

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