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​        Chromakey + Studio

What is Chromudio?



Chromudio is a green screen studio that lets anyone, anywhere, with a green screen and LED lighting
with a green screen and LED lights. 
Designed for easy transportation and quick setup, it's easy to assemble right out of the box,
perfect for events and studio productions with limited space.


Types and features of chroma key stands

✔Curved shape allows for a wide range of camera angles

Stretchy, wrinkle-free screen fabric

Spandex, so it won't stretch or shrink in the wash

✔ Designed to be lightweight, easily expandable using high-        grade aluminum modules


LED Stand Lights

✔ Quick-install stand LED light

✔ Adjustable brightness with dimmer switch


How to install Chromudio

CMW(Wall) 220 and LS Lighting Assembly Video

CML (Stage) Assembly Video

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