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3D Virtual Studio available in many place


iStudio is a 3D studio broadcasting system that can be used in various fields. Easy-to-use turnkey hardware / software packages enable broadcasting and presentations in a variety of venues, including educational institutions, conference rooms, Internet classrooms, in-house training and conferences. Choose one of the various 3D studios in iStudio and change your wall / floor / logo to make your own 3D studio. It also feels like it is in 3D virtual space, so there is no need for post-production.




Broadcast station can be easily transported


● A portable, lightweight, turnkey station with all the features of a box: chromakey wall, lighting, desk, monitor console
● You can complete the actual studio installation in about an hour
● Ideal for environments that require live production, recording and broadcasting.


All-in-One Virtual Studio


● Built-in high-quality chromakey

● USB audio mixer provided
● Two built-in detachable monitors
● Dedicated processor for video and audio input and output


Easy-to-Use iStudio


● Supports 12 editable scenes
● Support for multiple input sources for each virtual monitor (three virtual monitors)
● Built-in switcher, mixer, slider and joystick for easy operation
● Built-in audio meter / amplifier slider
● Built-in camera preview monitor
● Simultaneous recording and streaming support in production environments

iStudio Model Lineup

iStudio 2500 - 2.5D VR Studio

 The iStudio 2500 is designed for people who are new to virtual studio production. There is an easy-to-use GUI that allows users to start production operations from scratch. It is specially designed for simple studio production with great flexibility. You can easily create promotional video content for educational enterprises without any knowledge of video graphics editing software.

● First-person video production without the technology of broadcasting company
● High-quality chromakey separation of professional quality with one click

● Convenient audio mixer and audio delay adjustment
● Virtual Studio with 1 Actor and 2 Virtual Monitors
● 3D video recording or live streaming
● Support for more than 20 default virtual set templates
● Easy customizable background
● High quality output with limited space, cost and time investment

iStudio 3500 - 3D VR Studio


 The iStudio 3500 is an advanced model of a personal production system that allows users to take full advantage of 3D virtual technologies. The iS3500 software lets you relocate, resize, rotate, or change the color of 3D elements in a virtual studio. You can quickly customize the texture and many other components of your virtual studio. Users can add video texturing or transparency support to virtual monitors, walls, and floors.

● Intuitive GUI for live production
● High-quality chromakey separation of professional quality with one click

● Convenient audio mixer and audio delay adjustment
● Virtual studio configuration with 1 Actor and up to 3 virtual monitors
● Full control of live camera and virtual set scene
● Edit properties and animation tracks of virtual cameras and objects with a few simple clicks
● Live video, multimedia files can be inserted into any virtual set


Model name

Virtual Set


Actor & VR PIP

LIVE Capture Source



2.5D Trackless

Portable VR system with iS2500

Built-in Steinberg UR242 Mixer

1 Actor

2 VR monitor

SDI(3in 1out) + HDMI(1in)

or HDMI(4in)


2.5D Trackless

VR system with iS2500

​Steinberg UR242 Mixer

1 Actor

2 VR monitor

SDI(3in 1out) + HDMI(1in)

or HDMI(4in)



3D Trackless

Portable VR system with iS3500

Built-in Steinberg UR242 Mixer

1 Actor

3 VR monitor

SDI(3in 1out) + HDMI(1in)

or HDMI(4in)


3D Trackless

VR system with iS3500

​Steinberg UR242 Mixer

1 Actor

3 VR monitor

SDI(3in 1out) + HDMI(1in)

or HDMI(4in)

iStudio Footage



iStudio can be used anywhere

Educational content creation  

You can use iStudio to create educational content as a VR. Use it in various places such as internet lecture.

In business, corporate training and video conference 

Utilize iStudio for product introductions, branding and corporate video, or communicate videoconferencing effectively.

For Conference and presentation  

Use iStudio for effective conferences and presentations. Presenters and presentations are displayed together to make them more understandable

iStudio in Education

To be effective in the classroom, technology should be easy to use and not distracting.

iStudio's single-user-based operation demonstrates natural resolution responsibilities in settings

without compromising the speed of information flow.

Smart Classroom Design for Smart Education


Connect to the smart device directly from the classroom equipped with iStudio. iStudio's real-time video production and lecture recording capabilities provide an immersive learning environment for both online and offline learners, as well as the convenience of creating visually dynamic video content through virtual classrooms.

Intergration with LMS

Simply upload iStudio's dramatic video content to your existing LMS or school's securely managed platform. Both teachers and students will benefit from an active and participatory learning environment.

Create video lessons for "FLIP LEARNING"


One of the biggest challenges in the flip classroom is to consistently deliver effective lecture videos that learners can see at home. With iStudio, it is not a painful process to produce a video of a lecture that is effective on a daily basis. No unwanted video editing is required. During the class, PPT, visualization program or all media files are taught. You can prepare a video lesson for tomorrow in less than an hour.

Distance Learning and Distance Learning

Providing immersive live lessons for distance learning iStudio's unique technology introduces a new learning method that connects your remote classroom by integrating your system with an existing video conferencing service platform.
Together, iStudio and Skype give you access to real-time lectures from where iStudio Stations are installed.


​iStudio in Business

Product introduction and corporate video

Create and record new product introduction videos for employees and customers. Use any service platform to provide on-demand or IP-on-demand broadcasts to potential customers, customers, or employees. Custom backgrounds and annotations add value to your product and corporate presentations.

In-house training video and video conferencing 

Communicate more clearly with employees in other locations or provide well-crafted training videos on safety and maintenance issues. Update videos with additional information and record them if necessary, without compromising legal or regulatory compliance or additional costs.


 iStudio in Conference

AV media and conference hall

Use iStudio for live production and live broadcasts or record content for later delivery. Get all your presentations in real-time, turn them into stunning virtual videos to capture your audience.

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